Taxes and Fees


Radiant is designed to decrease sell pressure while maximizing yields and encouraging protocol sustainability.
  • Rays token is tax free system which will allow for future listing on exchanges should the protocol see benefit in doing so.
  • Unlike node based protocols, there are no monthly fees required for yield generation through Radiant protocol.

Rays (Primary Utility Token)

Token Taxes, Fees, and Limits
  • Transaction Fee on Sales: None
  • Maximum Ownership: No limits
  • Claim Tax: None (May be added at a later time should the protocol require)

xRay (Modernized Bonding System Token)

The price for xRay tokens are designed to be more stable and may actually decrease over time. xRay will be formed with a trading pair of Rays LP Tokens. When minting an NFT with xRay tokens, a portion of the mint proceeds from the purchase will be exchanged for Rays LP to secure protocol owned liquidity. This allows for a stabilized price for holders to contribute to protocol longevity. Buybacks will be triggered if the xRay price slips below the desired threshold. Additionally, incentives will be provided to holders to encourage and provide benefits to those that choose to support protocol needs.
The system allows Radiant to build a strong treasury outside of the Rays ecosystem. The team will continue to monitor the price after launch and modify as needed.
Token Taxes, Fees, and Limits
  • Transaction Fee on Sales: 20% Currently - Will Reduce Over Time
  • Claim Tax: None at this time
  • Maximum Ownership: No Limit