Safety & Transparency:

Prior to our presale and launch, the project lead will be doing a KYC (private dox) with AssureDefi.
A Multi-Signature Wallet will be required to access treasury funds. This will require 3/5 signatures from the team
Radiant utilizes code that's been extensively tested for the ISO, NFT Staking, and Tokens. The team will also be having the Byte Masons review the contracts prior to launch.

MasterChef Contract

Rays token contract will be owned by the MasterChef contract. MasterChef is a fork of Sushi's version for which has been extensively audited.
Customizations include:
  • Changing per block emissions to per second emissions
  • Removal of the migration function
  • Addition of a "Harvest All" function
  • Addition of Reentrancy Guard contract