Initial Roadmap

The Roadmap is a living document and is subject to change. New information will be added throughout the life of the protocol. Watch for announcements and news to stay up to date!
  • Giveaways and Promotions
  • KYC
  • Medium Article
  • Whitelist Competition (Reduced Price on Nebula Collection when NFT protocol begins)
  • Contracts Review
  • Multi-Sig
Week 1
  • Genesis pools
  • ISO (Initial Staking Offering)
Week 2:
  • Nebula NFT Collection available for Minting and Staking
  • Final week of Initial Staking Offering and farming and emissions finish.
Week 3:
  • xRay Token Launched (Purchased using Rays LP Tokens)
  • Supernova NFT Collection available for Minting and Staking
Week 4-6:
  • NFT Upgrades Become Available
  • Combine Nebulas to create higher APR yielding Star NFTs
  • Combine Supernovas to create the highest APR yielding Pulsar NFTs
Week 6:
  • Multi-Chain