(Initial Staking Offering)

FINISHED - Rays Token Generation Event

Rather than a presale, private sale, or formal ICO event, 100% of Rays Tokens will be distributed through farming emissions. This method allows users to earn through depositing LP tokens of their choice from our partners list, providing support to the Fantom community and earning emissions in return.
No tokens will be preminted or distributed to team members before or during the ISO period. Radiant's Rays Token is designed to 100% farm emissions based. Emissions will end approximately 3 weeks after launch. NFT minting will open in stages through the ISO with additional collections launching once emissions have ceased.
Farming can be highly volatile. Radiant assumes no liability for your gains, losses or otherwise during the farming ISO. You are responsible for your own actions and are advised to invest at your own risk.

Rays Genesis and ISO Token Emissions

The Genesis Pools are now live and emissions begin on April 22, 2022, at 9 am pacific. There will be no presale or preminting of tokens and no Dev tokens will be issued. All tokens will be distributed through farming.
Target Rays Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion)
Rays Genesis and ISO Token Distribution Rates:
  • Farmer - 40%
  • Yield Wallet (reserves for NFT staking yields) - 40%
  • Treasury (Multi-Sig) - 10%
  • Operations (Marketing, Development, Expenses, Staff) - 10%
ISO Pool Starting Emissions:
  • Farm = 1,000 Rays per second
  • Yield Wallet (NFT Staking) = 1,000 Rays per second
  • Treasury = 250 Rays per second
  • Operations = 250 Rays per second

Genesis Pools

The only way to earn Rays emissions will be through staking one of several Fantom Partners LP token pairs. Partner LP pairs will also be incorporated into the main farm with the inclusion of Rays LP pair.
Token Name
Token Address
LP Address
Required Dex
Radiant (Rays/USDC LP)
OATH - Reaper Farm (OATH/WFTM LP)
Scarab Finance (SCARAB/WFTM LP)
Yoshi Exchange (YOSHI/WFTM LP)

Vault Fees

Vault Fees will be collected during the ISO and posted on each farm. These vault fees will go towards building an initial treasury to help back the project long-term and to capture initial liquidity. During the ISO period the protocol will also be emitted tokens. These will be used to fund the Yield Wallet, LP, and reserves for protocol flexibility. Deposit Fees: RAYS / USDC - 1% DFi / WFTM - 0.5% DFi / USDC - 0.5% SPIRIT / WFTM - 1% OATH / WFTM - 1% EXC / WFTM - 1% SCARAB / WFTM - 1% PROTOFI / WFTM - 1% SHADE / WFTM - 1% YOSHI / WFTM - 1% WFTM - 1.5% USD - 1.5%
Some of these Tokens / Vault Fees may be sold to create LP and initial Treasury during the farming ISO. This is not done to harm the protocol, but to strengthen the longevity and establish a foundation for the project to build from.