Radiant - An Overview

Stake your NFTs then sit back, relax, and catch some Rays!!

This is a living document and will continue to be updated through the launch, development, implementation and operation of the Radiant DeFi system. Radiant is a unique project that has been custom built from the ground up designed to establish a modernized NFT based yield generating opportunity for the Stargazers of its community. Check back often to stay up to date on protocol developments.

What is Radiant?

Radiant is a robust Passive Yield Generating NFT Protocol leveraging a dual token protocol using multiple NFT collections to create a dynamic ecosystem on Fantom. Custom built from the ground up, Radiant's system is designed to support and balance protocol needs providing flexibility to respond to system behaviors through different phases of the its lifecycle.

Key System Components

Dual Token System

  • Radiant Token (Rays) - Main Utility Token
  • xRadiant Token (xRay) - Modernized Bonding System Token

Passive Yield Generating NFTs

  • Solar Collection
    • Initially consists of two NFT collections:
      • Nebula Collection:
        • Purchased using Rays from the ISO
        • Staked to yield Rays
      • Sun Collection:
        • Purchased by trading in Nebulas
        • Staked to yield a higher amount of Rays
  • Nova Collection
    • Initially consists of two NFT collections:
      • Supernova Collection:
        • Purchased using xRay token
        • Staked to yield xRay tokens
      • Pulsar Collection:
        • Purchased by trading in Supernovas
        • Staked to yield a high amount of Rays
Additional NFT Collections to launch as the protocol grows and matures

Challenges of Traditional DaaS and NaaS Systems

  • Low Liquidity to Market Cap Ratio
  • Static Yield Generation Opportunities (Single Product Offering - Basic Node)
  • Purchasing a Service with limited value (Basic Nodes)
    • Nodes are not yours, the contract just says you own them... for now
    • Basic Nodes are rarely used once created
  • Limited Growth Potential (Max ownership usually 100 Nodes)
  • Unlimited Nodes available to be created
  • Monthly Fees to Maintain Nodes (Plus Gas Fees for Each Node Payment)
  • Risk of Losing Nodes if fee payment is missed
  • Unable to build a treasury external to main token

Radiant Solutions

  • xRay Bonding System absorbs and releases LP to offset major shifts in LP ratio
  • Multiple NFT collections providing different Yield Generation Opportunities
  • NFT based system
    • You receive an actual asset in your wallet
    • No wasted server power required to run
  • No maximum ownership through fractional compounding
  • Limited supply of NFTs available
  • No monthly fees to maintain the "Service" (and no monthly gas fees to pay)
  • No risk of losing assets for non-payment of fees (NO MONTHLY FEES)
  • Utilizing xRay as a bonding token, allows Radiant to build a treasury outside of Rays

How Do I Generate Passive Yields?

Passive Yield Generation: Rays

Step 1: Purchase Rays on Spirit Swap or Farm Rays Emissions (Initial Staking Offering)
Step 2: Use Rays to purchase a Nebula NFT (Solar Collection)
Step 3: Stake your Nebula NFT to earn more Rays
Step 4: Compound Rays by purchasing more Nebula NFTs and staking them
Step 5: Exchange 10 Nebula NFTs to upgrade to a Star NFT for higher yield generation!

Passive Yield Generation: xRay

Step 1: Create Ray LP (Rays/TBD)
Step 2: Use Rays LP to purchase xRay Tokens
Step 3: Use xRay to purchase a Supernova NFT
Step 4: Stake your Supernova NFT to earn xRay Tokens
Step 5: Compound your Supernova yields by purchasing more Supernova NFTs and staking to earn more xRay Tokens
Step 6: Exchange (TBD) Supernova NFTs to upgrade to a Pulsar NFT for the highest yield generation of Rays! This will be the most rewarding NFT initially


Radiant provides a unique system bringing together many different aspects of DeFi including Farming, Staking, NFTs and passive yield generation. With each component serving a different purpose, Stargazers are provided with the opportunity to select their own journey to create passive yield generation.
With each token and NFT collection having a different designed utility, the protocol gains strength, flexibility, and allows for Stargazers to implement game theory throughout their journey in the ecosystem.
Stargazers may choose to participate in a single collection and earn consistent APR, actively trade Rays/xRay, or optimize their yields by participating in the full ecosystem through compounding yields to create higher yield generating NFTs.
Radiant believes it's in the best interests of the project and community to set the rewards rate rates at sustainable long-term levels and also in providing benefits to Stargazers that invest in the protocol. The path a Stargazer chooses is ultimately up to them. The more a Stargazer participates in the ecosystem, the larger yields they will be able to generate.